News reports and interviews featuring David Miller 1989 - 2004.


The department hosted a very successful and well attended international seminar on Corporate power and corporate spin on 18 and 19 November 2004. The conference was reported in the Scotsman Politics Tonight, Good Morning Scotland, Holyrood Live, Newsnight Scotland, Free Press (), PR Week and by Praxis, the Public Relations Resources Centre, Massey University Australia. 

Interviews with conference organisers and delegates were broadcast as follows:

David Miller, Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 18 November; Holyrood Live, BBC1, 18 November;

David Miller, Andy Rowell (Spinwatch) and Olivier Hoedeman (Corprate Europe Observatory), Newsnight Scotland, BBC2, 18 November;

David Miller and Bob Burton (, Politics Tonight, BBC Radio Scotland, 19 November;

The conference was also the occasion for the launch of a new Website called SpinWatch. This is a knowledge transfer initiative which aims to bring research findings to a wider audience. It is jointly run by academics (David Miller and William Dinan) and by investigative writers (Andy Rowell and Eveline Lubbers). By the end of November the site had been visited by people based in over 100 countries. (

The site was widely discussed including by the Scotsman and the Guardian and is already featuring in professional development courses for PR practitioners in Australia ( files/News/WA/Catching_the_Spinners.doc) and in discussions of the Italian Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana (FERPI)

David Miller took part in a three way phone in discussion on the coverage of Falluja and hostages in Iraq on the Lesley Riddoch Show on BBC Radio Scotland, 12-1pm 17 November 2004.

David Miller was interviewed on BBC2, Newsnight Scotland on the launch of the Corporate Responsibility Coalition CORE, 1 December 2004.

David Miller appeared on Newsnight Scotland (Tuesday 10th August), Good Morning Scotland and Reporting Scotland (both 11th August) discussing the suppression of his report on Openness in the Scottish Water Industry;

On Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland (Tuesday 21st September) on the media and security threats at Westminster and Holyrood;

On Radio Scotland’s, Values Added (Sunday 26th September) on apologies in public life;

On the KPFA (California) ‘Morning Show’ (28th September) on European public opinion and Bush/Kerry.

He was interviewed on the latest Navy recruitment ads for the Independent: 'Advertising: Fighting for Attention', The Independent, Monday 27th September 2004.

Roshan Muhammed Salih, 'Media accused of Iraq bias', Al Jazeera, Monday 28 June 2004, 3:41 Makka Time, 0:41 GMT.

Claire Cozens, 'Al-Jazeera tones down 'violent' images', The Guardian, Friday April 30, 2004.

Claire Cozens, 'BBC cuts back Iraq staff', The Guardian, 23 April 2004.

Ciar Byrne, 'Iraq medal for embedded reporters', The Guardian, Monday February 23, 2004, 4.45pm.

Sat. Feb 7, 2004, 10:05-10:30 interview with David Miller, editor of "Tell Me Lies: Propaganda & Media Distortion", about Blair, the Hutton Report, BBC, and the missing WMD. Redeye program by Vancouver Co-op Radio 102.7 fm ¥ 3 hours of alternative politics and culture, community announcements and listener call in Listen online.

David Miller interview on the Hutton Report on Counterspin: The News Behind the Headlines, 6 February 2004, Listen online via:

Interview with David Miller at 7.15 -7.45am local time (2.15pm GMT) 4 February 2004, Richard Kaffenberger show KAAA radio, Bullhead City, Arizona. 1230 AM Kingman.

Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 08.15am David Miller interviewed about the Hutton inquiry and the BBC in the context of BBC Scotland's refusal to hand over tapes to the Holyrood Inquiry, 3 February.

Domingo, 1 de Fevereiro de 2004 Gerais Media 30-01-2004 - 15h34 Livro que conta experiencia de alguns reporteres Iraque: jornalistas "embedded" funcionaram como "cheerleaders" Reuters, Publico.

'Periodistas empotrados' afectaron a la cobertura en Irak, según un libro Grandes sectores de los principales medios de comunicación estuvieron demasiado cerca del Ejército en Irak y como resultado de ello hicieron una cobertura "entusiasta" que careció de credibilidad, de acuerdo con un libro publicado esta semana. Sábado, 31 enero 2004 IBLNEWS, AGENCIAS.

'Periodistas empotrados' afectaron a cobertura en Irak - libro /Por Kate Holton/ LONDRES (Reuters) Especiales Yahoo! 31 de enero de 2004, 15h10.

30 Jan 2004 18:53 'Periodistas acompañantes' afectaron cobertura en Irak: libro Por Kate Holton Reuters.

Kate Holton, "Embedding" hampered Iraq media independence, Fri 30 January, 2004 15:03. LONDON (Reuters).

David Miller interview on Iraq, Hutton and democracy on 'Regime Change Radio', 30 Jan 2004, heard Thurs. at 5PM on CT FM 91.7 WHUS, a commercial-free college and community-based radio station broadcasting from the University of Connecticut. Listen here. Transcript here.

David Miller, studio guest on extended edition of the Lesley Riddoch Show on the Hutton report, BBC Radio Scotland, Wednesday 28 January 12.00-15.00.

David Miller, interview on Newsdrive, on Hutton on BBC Radio Scotland, Wednesday 28 January, 1700.

David Miller, interview on Al Jazeera book review programme on Tell Me Lies, Thursday 29 January.

David Miller, interview on Good Morning Scotland about Hutton and the BBC, BBC Radio Scotland, 0800, 30 January 2004.

David Miller, guest on the Media Show on Hutton and the BBC, BBC Radio Foyle, Friday 30 January 0900-0930.



Claire Gardner, "MTV generation's 'black holes of history' blamed on Hollywood', Scotland on Sunday, 8 December 2003.

David Miller three way discussion with John Lloyd (Editor, Financial Times Magazine), Julian Baggini (Philosophy Today) on 'Values Added', hosted by Ruth Wishart, BBC Radio Scotland, 10.30 to 11am, 23 November 2003.
David Miller, interview and phone in hosted by Joy Cardin, Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison Wisconsin, 6AM Central time 20 November 2003,

Danny Schechter, | News Dissector Web Log, November 21: ABC DOES DALLAS, JFK DIES AGAIN.

David Miller interviewed on The Bruce Elliott Show: WBAL, Baltimore 07.35, November 22, 2003, Producer: Ryan Bogash.

David Miller took part in an interview and phone in hosted by Joy Cardin, Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison Wisconsin, 6AM Central time 20 November 2003,

David Miller interview with Gianna Pontecorboli of Sviluppo Quotidianni, for Italian language regional press in Italy and Switzerland, 18 November 2003, PER GLI ESTERI ÒBush vuole una foto come quella che ebbe Ronald Reagan, a cavallo accanto alla regina, da vendere bene ai suoi elettori. Ma questa volta difficilmente lÕavraÕÕ. A prevederlo, giusto allÕinizio della visita di George Bush a Londra, eÕ David Miller, membro del Stirling Silver Research Institute di Londra. Miller, che eÕ stato uno dei redattori di ÔÕTell me lies:propaganda and media distortion in the attack on IrakÕÕ, un critico rapporto che sta per essere reso pubblico, si aspetta invece che la protesta cresca ancora.

Mercoled, 19 Novembre 2003 NEW YORK - ÇBush vuole una foto ...

David Miller was interviewed by Gianna Pontecorboli of Sviluppo Quotidianni, for Italian language regional press in Italy and Switzerland, 18 November 2003, Mercoled, 19 Novembre 2003 NEW YORK - ÇBush vuole una foto ...

David Miller, Interview on propaganda and Private Jessica Lynch in story for NIN in Belgrade. Nenad Savic 'Pricõaj mi lazõi!' ('Tell me lies!) Nin, 18 November.

David Miller interview on 'AM UnWrapped' with Chris Askew, WAOK AM 1380, morning drive program, Atlanta, Georgia, 18 November 2003, 7am EST.

'Mr. Bush Goes to London' News Release Institute for Public Accuracy,Ê November 17, 2003

David Miller interviewed by Denis Bernstein for 'Flashpoints' on KPFA independent radio, Berkeley CA, at 5.10 PM Bay area time(9.10 PM GMT). 18 November

David Miller interviewed by Pierre Bourque on the "The World According to Mark" 580 CFRA AM- CHUM Radio Ottawa, Canada, 3.10pm 17 November 2003.

David Miller interviewed by David Leibowitz on 'Real Life with David Leibowitz' NewsRadio 620 KTAR, the top rated news/talk station in Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona,11:15 a.m. EST, 18 November 2003.

US accused of hypocrisy over reporter deaths by Roshan Muhammed Salih ¥ Wednesday October 01, 2003 at 08:23 PM Senior American officials have been accused of hypocrisy after a ceremony to honour US journalists killed during the country's "war on terror". However, David Miller, author of Tell Me Lies - Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq, criticised the exclusion of slain foreign journalists from the ceremony. US accused of hypocrisy over reporter deaths Indymedia Vancouver, 1 October 2003.

David Miller, 'Dresura Bi-Bi-Sija' interview for Nin, Belgrade political weekly magazine, on Iraq, the BBC and the government, NENAD SAVIC«, 14 August 2003. 'Dr Dejvid Miler sa Stirling univerziteta u Sõkotskoj jedan je od najpoznatijih medijskih istoricõara u Velikoj Britaniji. U svojoj akademskoj karijeri bio je na svojstven nacõin hronicõar pada britanskog pluralizma za vreme rezõima Margaret Tacõer, a kao jednu od svojih uzõih specijalnosti navodi istorijat Bi-Bi-Sija i odnos ovog javnog servisa sa vladom Velike Britanije. Njegova najnovija knjiga ÒTell me liesÓ (Pluto) izlazi u oktobru i bavi se funkcionisanjem britanske propagande za vreme poslednjeg rata u Iraku'.

Ian Hall, 'The myth of spin-free govt communications', PR Week, September 5, 2003, Pg. 9.

Tim Luckhurst, 'Why are we waiting? Documents and e-mails uncovered by Lord Hutton have exposed the workings of government as never before. But we're not being told everything, says Tim Luckhurst: it isn't real freedom of information', The Independent, 26 August 2003.
David Miller discussed the televising of the Hutton inquiry on Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland,1 August 2003.
David Miller did an interview for Nin, the Yugoslav political weekly magazine, on Iraq, the BBC and the government, 14 August.

He also had a discussion on KPFA radio's morning show, San Francisco, 15 August, on the quality of democracy in the US and Europe.

'Charter Renewal Threat', The Scotsman, July 28, 2003, Monday, Pg. 7.

David Miller interview on WPKN Playlist, 18 July 2003, WPKN listener supported radio, Bridgeport, Connecticut

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 17, 2003 1.08 PM Institute for Public Accuracy 'Mr. Blair Goes to Washington'.

David Miller took part in a discussion with Audrey Gillan of the Guardian on embedded journalists on Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 1 July 2003.

David Miller discussed Blair, Iraq and public opinion on KPFA's Morning Show, San Francisco, July 1,

David Miller gave an interview on the death of David Kelly to the Charles Goyette Programme, KFYI Radio - Phoenix, Arizona, 21 July.

Tim Luckhurst, 'Media: Rogue Traders', The Independent, June 10, 2003. 

Scott Harris, 'Manufacturing Opinion: Truth became the target US and UK allowed only the illusion of independent reporting in war zone', AFL Staff, Labour News.

David Miller, 'Labour/LibDem coalition is not inevitable', Letters, The Herald (Glasgow), April 30, 2003 Pg. 17.

John Pilger finds journalism rotting away; 'Something deeply corrupt is consuming journalism. A war so one-sided it was hardly a war was reported like a Formula One race, as the teams sped to the chequered flag in Baghdad, writes John Pilger', New Statesman, April 28, 2003.

Richard Sambrook , 'BBC fought a good war', The Guardian, Wednesday April 23, 2003.

David Miller, Analysis: 'Taking sides: The anti-war movement accuses the BBC of having had a pro-war bias; the government says it was too Baghdad-friendly. So who is right?', The Guardian, 22 April 2003.

John Pilger, 'Gulf War 2: As final battle looms, the lies keep coming: the war for truth - John Pilger on a global con', The Mirror, April 5, 2003, Saturday, Pg. 11.

David Miller, 'How the warriors have learned to control news', New Zealand Herald, 27 March 2003.

Rick Montgomery and Steve Kraske, 'Global animosity grows as U.S. fights a war; But some see a public relations opportunity ahead' Kansas City Star (Kansas & Missouri), March 27, 2003, Thursday Metropolitan Edition, Pg. A10.

John Crace 'Higher Education: Peer trouble: How failsafe is our current system at ensuring the quality and integrity of research? Not very, says John Crace', The Guardian (London), February 11, 2003, Guardian Education Pages, Pg. 12. 

Karen McVeigh, 'Playing dumb', The Scotsman, Fri 14 Jun 2002.

Catherine McLeod, Political Editor, 'Why alarm bells are ringing over press relations', The Herald, 13 June 2002.

John Crace, 'Turn up, type in and you are on the air: Hundreds of sassy young hopefuls are auditioning before webcams in a bid to be a new BBC digital presenter. But what is the Beeb searching for? asks John Crace', The Guardian, Saturday June 8, 2002.

Jason Allardyce Political Editor, 'Christians plot political infiltration', Scotland on Sunday, Sun 12 May 2002.

Jason Allardyce and Brian Brady, 'God on their side?' Religious groups are among the most influential of a growing number of lobbyists infiltrating corridors of power. , Scotland on Sunday, Sun 12 May 2002.

Harriet Swain, 'Q: when can a game show be an academic study?', Times Higher Education Supplement, 10 May 2002.

Michael Olson, 'pentagon pap: war of worlds is war of words?', Got Canned Goods? Balance your media diet, February 2002.

'Pentagon and Propaganda', Institute for Public Accuracy, February 21, 2002.

John Crace, 'The plot thickens Does corporate cash taint research?' As a controversial new play opens on the subject, John Crace looks at Enron, Harvard, and the implications in Britain, The Guardian, Tuesday February 12, 2002.

Roz Paterson, 'At Least I'm Not Fat' Gwyneth Paltrow's new film may try to convince us that beauty is more than skin deep but the argument doesn't bear much weight in a size-obsessed world. Sunday Herald, This life, 27 January 2002 .

Anna Owens, 'Opinion polls are showing majority against bombing' Letters, Socialist Worker, 13 October 2001.

(Dr) David Miller, (Prof) Philip Schlesinger, William Dinan, 'Rearguard action',The Scotsman, 6 September 2001.

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Douglas Fraser Political Editor, 'whisper it ... we're still a secret society'. Devolution was supposed to herald a more open and accountable parliament. Instead it is just as reluctant to reveal the truth as Westminster', Sunday Herald, New focus, Mar 25 2001.

Philip Schlesinger, David Miller and William Dinan, 'Who sold Scottish news down the river?', The public, the papers and BBC Scotland wanted a Glasgow-based Six O'Clock News - but London had other ideas. How did we lose out? This exclusive extract from a major new book reveals all', Sunday Herald, 7 Days, Mar 25 2001.

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